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We do everything for art

Every artwork needs its own frame. Whether it be contemporary photography, an old master, graphics, sculpture or drawing: Only with a proper frame, the artwork really shines. For thirty years, our team has been manufacturing highquality unique pieces at customer's option or after historical blueprints. Our clients are collectors, galleries, museums and artists. We always place the utmost respect on the artwork and the artist. Our competence is based on classic craftsmanship in conjunction with stateof- the-art technology. The heart of the company is a team of creative as well as experienced experts, unrivaled in the field.


Art is diverse, and so are frames. In our opinion, a frame must be perfect all the way around, aesthetically and technically. It has to protect the artwork and concurrently present it in an ideal way. A good frame serves the artwork. At our workshop, we build every kind of frame. We restore old pieces or replicate them true to the original. Additionally, we have available a large selection of exhibition furniture such as pedestals, vitrines and lightboxes plus stretcher frames and transport crates.


Vitrinenrahmen | Objektrahmen

Vitrine Frames | Object Frames

Objects, collages or sculptures need deep frames. Vitrine and object frames are more than enclosures, they can be part of the artwork. Creativity and sensitivity for artwork and artist are required for making this special kind of frame.

Metal Frames

Classy unique pieces from aluminium or stainless steel, welded, powder-coated or polished or affordable aluminium frames, custom-made from the collections of reputed profile producers.

Gilded Frames

The finest in frame art. It can be suitable for the classic masterpiece just as much as for a photograph or a contemporary drawing. Our gilders produce superb unique pieces by means of classic poliment gilding.

Further Services


Strecher Frames

We build our impeccable stretcher frames in our carpentry workshop with specially made profiles, in very large, round or oval formats. We have stretcher frames ready to go in various fabric types and with a classic, manually applied primer coat.


Baryta prints and large-format inkjet prints are mounted on supports in order to protect them permanently. In this complex procedure, as little as a speck of dust can have fatal consequences on the work. We have longstanding experience and expertise in the areas of laminating techniques and photographic media.

Exhibition Furniture & Transport Crates

Pedestals, vitrines, LED light frames, display cases and more. With creativity and technical know-how, we develop custom solutions together with the client. Within the limits of technology, we realise every wish.

Please send us your individual request

About Us

Andreas Neumann, having been the workshop manager and CEO of Bilderrahmen Landwehr for many years, took over the company, founded in 1986 by Stefan Landwehr, in the summer of 2016. Since May 2017, we are located on the grounds of the Fahrbereitschaft, the former GDR driving services in Berlin-Lichtenberg – directly neighboring the haubrok foundation and many artist studios. In the modern manufacturing halls, designed by the architect Arno Brandlhuber, we continuously develop our longstanding standards of artisanal quality and individual service. Bilderrahmen Neumann is a team of twelve experienced carpenters and master carpenters, gilders, framers, artists and a laminator. We are a master enterprise and member of the carpenters’ guild Berlin.

Video | Vor Ort
Leidenschaft für Holzrahmen | Vor Ort bei Bilderrahmen Neumann


Andreas Neumann


Managing Director
















Bilderrahmen Neumann GmbH
Herzbergstraße 40-43, 10365 Berlin
Phone +49 30 / 615 64 64
Fax +49 30 / 614 86 25

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday by arrangement

Please send us your individual request.